Here’s what satisfied customers are saying about Paul Baldassini Photo Restoration:

Hi Paul,

Thank you for finishing the restoration. The before-and-after comparison is incredible. You were right. It looks as good as the day it was taken. I’ll take your advice and get it custom framed.

Lisette, Pomfret Center, CT


It looks amazing Paul!  Wow, you work fast! My sister-in-law will be so surprised by this photo, it is a gift for her birthday.  🙂

Emily, Litchfield CT


Paul —

The restored photos are fabulous!! I like the Platinum sepia tone, too. They look like they could have been taken yesterday! My family will be thrilled with the photos!

Thanks, Diane, Rocky Hill, CT

I contacted Paul to see if he could restore an old photograph of my Grandfather from approximately 1879. When I called Paul I informed him the photograph was in very bad condition and maybe beyond restoration.

When Paul saw the photograph he had good and interesting news for me. First it was not a photograph but a charcoal portrait and that yes he could restore it. The restoration was nothing short of a miracle and was well beyond my expectations! Paul I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for the beautiful work you did.

Thank you,

Edward, Watertown, CT

P.S. — We were so happy with the outcome of the portrait that we gave him more restoration work for him to do.

Hi Paul,

ALL the work you’ve done looks absolutely amazing! I LOVE all the edits. Thank you!!! I appreciate your hard work. It was wonderful working with you too! I know who to call now when I need professional, quality photo retouching.

Nancy, Darien, CT


I just looked at the before and after photos, and all I can say is they came out absolutely perfect! Fantastic job! You really did an outstanding job on them and I can’t thank you enough for saving what I thought was ruined forever. My daughter will be so surprised and overjoyed when I spring them on her as a gift. By all means make the prints!

Thank you again, Paul.

Grady, Clinton, CT


I am amazed at the quality of work show in the restoration one of my most cherished, yet damaged, photographs. Paul is an outstanding visual artist. His talents coupled with an unprecedented care for detail and pride demonstrated in his craft has made my old picture come to life once again. I know that my wife will absolutely love the gift I have for her as we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I highly recommend Paul to anyone that is looking to restore “fond memories”– he is truly a master. Thanks again Paul!

Gregory, Forestville, CT

Hi Paul,

We have truly enjoyed the photographs that you restored for us. When we show them to friends and family, you will probably have people calling you and ordering the same thing for themselves. Thanks for the great work you did on our family photos, Paul — they are truly magnificent.

Stan and Ted­­, Jamaica Plain, MA


Thanks for having taken the time to have replied so promptly. The owner of the photograph loved your work. The vintage family photo you restored ended up in the hands of yet another of the family’s descendents — an 89 year-old son of one of the children depicted. He was absolutely thrilled to have a copy of the photo you so beautifully restored. All the best.

Jake, Stratham, NH